Mainstreaming Climate Change and Health Adaptation Across the Health Sector

The impacts of climate change on human health is one
of the major increasing global concern now a days.
Climate change not only has direct impacts on human
health (e.g. through injuries and illness from extreme
weather events), but also threatens the capacity of
health systems to manage and protect population
health (e.g. through the vulnerability and reliability of
infrastructure or critical services). Health systems should
therefore be increasingly strengthened so that they
continue to be efficient and responsive to improve
population health in an unstable and changing climate.

Climate change related hazards, such as drought,
flooding, waterlogging, tidal inundation, cyclones,
storm surges, erratic rainfall and rising temperatures, are
common events in Bangladesh. They have direct and
indirect adverse impacts on water resources, agriculture,
livelihoods and ecosystems all of which ultimately
affects human health.

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